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We specialise in delivering expert dent removal services using an exceptional range of modern treatments. When it comes to those smaller dents and scrapes that you’ve picked up parking or reversing into the garage, we offer cost-effective solutions that work for you. Our paintless dent removal does not compromise the paint job of the vehicle and our trusted mechanics are capable of mending dents on both aluminium and steel panelling across your vehicle.

No Write-offs Necessary

Our dedicated mechanics are experts in repairing those large-scale dents and abrasions that have appeared on your vehicle following a crash. There’s no need to consider writing your vehicle off, we use contemporary and skilled methods to restore your vehicle to its former glory. We’re capable of mending large dents to your vehicle without comprising the paintwork, meaning our customers enjoy cost-effective savings when they use our auto services.

Best Auto Dent Removal Service in Warrington

At Paintlab, we understand how much of a frustration it can be to discover a dent in your car. Often you never find the culprit and it means unwanted expenditure for the vehicle owner. Our dedicated mechanics offer a wholesale auto dent removal services to re-establish the body work on your motor. Using a range of modern technologies and advanced techniques we restore your bumpers and bonnets back to their original status without affecting the paint work. Drop in to our Warrington garage or call us today on 07586525457 to find out what we can do for you.


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